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Hello, I'm Lisa

At the current age of 29, pushing towards my thirty's, I am at the point now that I'm finding gaps in my knowledge about various things in my life that I probably should know by now. (Anyone else?). I am happily married to a wonderful godly man, David, going on 4 years this October. We are just the two of us at this point (hoping to change that soon #babyfever!) so I am always seeking for more understanding. That is still so true about my relationship with the Father God, 17 years and counting! I love Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and The Father way more than I am capable of putting to these few words, but if it wasn't for God's grace; gosh, who knows where I'd be.

Meet the Team

Behind every great ministry there is the unwavering wisdom of sound counsel. 

Our Mission

At Van Dorn Ministries, we have a peculiar calling to be a bridge between generations. There has been a gap caused by the enemy and culture between the "seasoned saints" and the "misunderstood" youth of this faith. It is in our hearts to bring the zeal, passion, and faith back to the older generations that have once seen the Spirit of God poured out in early revivals in America, to learn of that experienced, tested time and time again anointing. This Ministry would not be here today if it weren't for the mentors of faith being willing and obedient to teach us how to walk in the Spirit. Therefore, it is also our heart's desire to mend the gap, reaching to the younger generations. To equip, exhort, and bring the full gospel of Jesus not just as Savior, but as LORD, to those who may have never seen the standard of victory in Christ.

That standard is not just for us as Christians to live by, but for the world to see us as children of light, living in the spirit, so they too will ask about the hope we carry. 

Our mission is teach and preach this gospel, that Jesus is Lord and He is coming back for a glorious church. He paid the penalty for all sin and has defeated the enemy in all areas of life. Therefore, we preach the truth of His resurrection, that everyone is called to higher levels of victory in everything; spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and financially. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to preach the Word! Let's connect.

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