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Online Giving

This ministry is not affiliated with the 501(c)3 status recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Donations may not be tax deductible, see your tax consultant for further information. 

With every donation

These are more than promises but convictions.

David and I just want to thank you for your faithful support in this mission to get the gospel to all over this planet. As we team up together, with your support, we can equip more and more people with the truth. 

Lisa Van Dorn Ministries uses every penny of financial gifts for the sole purpose of spreading the gospel to see lives transformed by it's power.

We have partnered with many other ministries around the globe and as you sow your financial seed into LVM, you also are making an impact through missions not only in the USA but in Egypt, Africa, Mexico, Honduras, Canada, Australia, and countless others. 

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